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Join us for a monthly space to dive deep into a topic geared towards equipping you to flourish as a dancer, interact and ask questions in real time, and set your self up to experience a real transformation in the way you feel and dance with a 30-day action challenge.

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    June 2021 Masterclass

    • 5 Steps to Developing a Healthy and High-Performance Mindset

    • 5 Steps to Developing a Healthy and High-Performance Mindset (June 2021 Masterclass Recording)

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    July 2021 Masterclass

    • How to Identify your Unique Value to Become an Irreplaceable Dancer

    • "The Value I Bring to the Studio" Written Exercise (PDF Download)

    • How to Identify Your Unique Value + Become an Irreplaceable Dancer (July 2021 Masterclass Recording)

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    August 2021 Masterclass

    • The Keys to Building Authentic and Unstoppable Confidence

    • The Keys to Building Authentic and Unstoppable Confidence (August 2021 Masterclass Recording)

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    September 2021 Masterclass

    • How to Dance Better with LESS Effort and More Fun!

Jessica M.


"TEDM gives me tools to put the concepts presented into practice! I am approaching ballet with a newfound sense of purpose and confidence in the unique value I have as a dancer!"

What we will cover in the September Masterclass

For so many of us dancers, when we first fall in love with ballet, it is because we feel joy, ease, and fun as we first encounter the art form. Yet, after giving so much of our lives to ballet and training hard for years and years, it seems to many dancers that the pure joy and fun has simply been trained out of us. 

As a professional dancer, I experienced this loss of joy, this weariness from the constant grind of trying to be better, and a questioning of "man, where is the joy? Where is the fun? If I sacrifice so much and work so hard to live this "dream", shouldn't it kind of feel like a dream on a daily basis?"

Whether you've asked the same question as me or you've simply been noticing that you dance better when you aren't so down on yourself, I am thrilled to share the keys to tapping into fun, enjoyment, and flow which will not only bring back the fun and joy into your training, but it will also help you to dance to your fullest potential!

Here are a few of the key points I will be sharing in this month's Empowered Dancer Masterclass:

• How to bring the joy back into ballet class while maintaining a focus on technical and artistic excellence

•  How to know when you can push yourself more and when you're actually pushing yourself too hard

•  How to tap into the "flow state" as you dance in order to consistently experience optimum performance, deep focus on what matters, a peace and presence of mind, and freedom from the frustration that comes from the booming voice of the inner critic

•  How you can intentionally incorporate fun into your life inside and outside of the studio *guilt free* and see your dancing and happiness improve as a result

Since I have learned these principles and incorporated them into my own dancing, I have been amazed by how much my happiness, motivation to dance, artistry, and technical abilities have flourished. What I will share in this masterclass is absolutely counter-cultural compared to the "hustle culture" of ballet, but my friend, that is why it works. 

I can't wait to partner with you in reigniting the feelings and experience of dance that likely helped you to fall in love with ballet in the first place. Join me, and I'm sure you'll be eager to share these "best kept secrets" with your friends too!

Meet your instructor

Mindset Coach for Dancers

Kirsten Kemp

Hi, I'm Kirsten! You may know me from my YouTube channel, "TwinTalksBallet", where I've been sharing practical advice on how to flourish as a dancer for over 11 years. Truth be told, my twin sister forced me to start the channel with her to share with other aspiring dancers what we were learning in our pursuit of making the leap from being dancers from a small, recreational studio in South Texas to our dream of becoming professional ballet dancers. I never knew that, though I eventually became the professional ballerina I wanted to be, I would develop a deeper sense of purpose helping dancers through the challenges and tough moments that most any dancer faces as they journey through the ballet industry. Now, as a Mindset Coach for Dancers, I have spent the last several years coaching recreational to world-class ballet dancers through the process of developing a healthy and confident mindset that allows them to truly perform their best and deeply enjoy the time they have participating in this beautiful art form. I can't wait to connect with you in this monthly space I've created to empower you with transformative tools that will help you to step into the most healthy and empowering relationship with both yourself and ballet. So come as you are, bring a notepad, bring a friend who you can practice accountability with while putting the tools you'll gain into action, and prepare to experience a noticeable shift in your confidence, well-being, and ability to perform at your personal best level.

Join us LIVE on Wednesday, September 22nd from 7:30-9pm Central Time!

Can't make it live or can't stay the whole time? No worries, you'll get access to the recording as soon as it's available PLUS access to all past recordings as soon as you enroll!

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Gracie M.

Dancer with US International Ballet

"The Empowered Dancer Masterclass is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other dancers as well as gain amazing tools and insight. Having the chance to connect with others and share common experiences helps you to feel less alone and the community learning environment is packed with knowledge and can really help dancers get out a mental “rut” or pattern of negativity. Kirsten does an excellent job of included tons of information and education into a short enjoyable experience."

Every Masterclass will include...

  • In-depth instruction

    Each month, I will share in-depth teaching and powerful principles I've shared with mindset coaching clients for years on how to develop a healthy and confident mindset that will allow you to perform and feel your best. Together, we will address and implement solutions to challenges nearly all dancers face from struggling with comparison to not feeling good enough so that you can truly walk forward feeling empowered in your training and career.

  • Time for Q&A + On-the-spot coaching

    In this time where you can learn anything for free on the internet, what remains irreplaceable is the power of being surrounded by like-minded dancers in real time and having the opportunity to talk through your burning questions with someone who understands. That's why each masterclass includes time for interaction, talking through exercises in real-time, and the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers that will equip you to go forth and conquer.

  • A 30-day action challenge

    Information will only create TRANSFORMATION when paired with ACTION. That's why I will send you off with a simple action plan for the next 30 days to actually help you create tangible changes in the way you feel, how you dance, and what you're able to accomplish as a result of our discussion.

  • BONUS! Access to all past recordings

    Your subscription will always include access to all past masterclass recordings so you can revisit the powerful insights that have been shared throughout the month in order to keep yourself on-track and inspired!


  • Who is this masterclass a great fit for?

    The Empowered Dancer Masterclass is a fantastic fit for pre-professional students, professional dancers early in their careers, or recreational dancers who train seriously for their personal enjoyment. No matter your specific demographic, this masterclass is a fit for any dancer who has noticed the negative impact on their performance and confidence from struggles like fear of judgement or the belief that they aren't good enough, and who wants to explore how their performance and experience as a dancer can improve with a healthy, confident mindset.

  • How is this different than a free webinar like the ones I often see advertised on Instagram?

    Though there are so many live online workshops out there for free, here are a few common themes you'll noticed about them: 1. They often share WHAT you can try to create positive change on your own, but they save the HOW (the specific steps to create the change) for a paid program they will sell to you at the end. Many of these webinars still provide value and are great, but they aren't meant to be a place for you to learn and experience the complete steps to creating change. In TEDM, I will not only share the real "how to's", but walk you through some of them on the call. 2. These webinars are often a one-off experience, which by nature means that there is no community or accountability created outside of that one call. In TEDM, the monthly rhythm allows for real connections to be built and for accountability to be created.

  • What if I can't make the call live or will be late?

    No worries! Every call will be recorded and uploaded to a video library here on Thinkific, which can be easily accessed by currently enrolled dancers. If you know ahead of time that you have a question related the the topic of the masterclass that you'd like to submit for the Q&A portion of the call, you will have the opportunity to submit a question and have it answered for the recording (as long as time allows). If you will be late to the call, you are still welcome to join when you can on mute in order to not disrupt the flow of the meeting.

  • How do I submit a question for the Q&A segment ahead of time if I know I won't be able to make the call live?

    Go to the course curriculum and click on the upcoming lesson for the next masterclass. Discussion is enabled for the class, meaning that you are free to leave a comment with the question you would like answered during the masterclass. Alternatively, you can also email the question to me at kirsten@kirstenkemp.com with the subject line "Question for [insert upcoming month] 2021 masterclass". I will do my best to answer as many questions as possible, though remember that questions are not guaranteed to be answered.

  • If I subscribe and decide that another source of support is best for me, can I cancel my subscription?

    Yes, you can cancel at any time, including before your free trial period ends (if you signed up during a promotion that includes a free trial). TEDM is intentionally a subscription service to help you set the intention of taking time to care for yourself and your mind as an artist every month. That being said, if TEDM does not seem like a fit for your goals and needs at a certain point, you have the freedom to cancel and join back again when it is.

  • What is the refund policy?

    The monthly subscription fee is non-refundable after it has been withdrawn. You will receive an email with a receipt each month from Thinkific after each payment has been withdrawn. If you would like to be reminded of the specific date the next monthly payment will take place, simply access your billing and account information by logging into your Thinkific account.

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