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Every masterclass is designed to give you practical guidance on how to thoughtfully approach your dancing in a way that builds confidence, supports you in your well-being as a person, and helps you to consistently perform your personal best. These lessons will not only inspire you but equip you to truly be an empowered dancer!

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    June 2021 Masterclass

    • 5 Steps to Developing a Healthy and High-Performance Mindset (June 2021 Masterclass Recording)

    • Slides for the June Empowered Dancer Masterclass

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    July 2021 Masterclass

    • How to Identify Your Unique Value + Become an Irreplaceable Dancer (July 2021 Masterclass Recording)

    • "The Value I Bring to the Studio" Written Exercise (PDF Download)

    • Slides for July Masterclass

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    August 2021 Masterclass

    • The Keys to Building Authentic and Unstoppable Confidence (August 2021 Masterclass Recording)

    • Slides for August Masterclass

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    September 2021 Masterclass

    • How to Dance Better with LESS Effort and MORE Fun! (September 2021 Masterclass Recording)

    • Slides for the September Masterclass

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    October 2021 Masterclass

    • Your Body is Not Your Enemy: How to Find Wellbeing and Confidence Amidst Imperfections and Challenges (October 2021 Masterclass Recording)

    • Follow Along PDF for the October Empowered Dancer Masterclass

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    BONUS Masterclass!

    • How to Trust Your Body and Understand It's Cues - Part 1

    • How to Trust Your Body and Understand It's Cues - Part 2

Jessica M.


"TEDM gives me tools to put the concepts presented into practice! I am approaching ballet with a newfound sense of purpose and confidence in the unique value I have as a dancer!"

Lessons you will get access to when you purchase the Empowered Dancer Masterclass bundle:

*over 10 hours of video lessons!*

5 Steps to Developing a Healthy and High-Performance Mindset

The perfect way to start your Empowered Dancer Masterclass journey! This teaching includes an actionable overview of the core principles for mastering the mental side of dancing your best while feeling your best. In this masterclass, here are just a few things you will gain a clear understanding of!

- How to identify and resolve the patterns of thinking, beliefs, and perspectives that have been keeping you stuck in cycles of frustration and discouragement. 

- How to interact with your emotions in a way that is not only healthy, but even empowering so that you can know yourself better, make decisions with clarity, tap into vulnerability, and so much more. 

- How to embrace uncertainty and fully ground yourself in what you ARE able to influence so that you can put yourself out there with confidence and create the results in your career that you desire. 

How to Identify Your Unique Value as a Dancer and Become an Irreplaceable Artist

This masterclass is a MUST, especially if you are preparing for auditions or if you continually struggle with comparing yourself to others! This lesson will include guidance on...

- How to actually identify what makes you unique (hint: it's not just your technical abilities, and it is DEFINITELY not your work ethic)

- How to gain clarity on what aspects of your dancing and persona provide VALUE to your directors, audience, community, peers, etc. so that you can tap into a much deeper sense of uniqueness and purpose. 

- How to confidently "market" the unique value you provide in a way that helps you to stand out in a crowd, even if that crowd includes dancers who seem more technically advanced than you. 

The Keys to Building Authentic and Unstoppable Confidence

So many dancers long to gain the confidence to believe in themselves, to put themselves out there, and to simply feel good about what they have to offer. YET there is a huge misconception that reaching a particular skill level or status within the ballet industry is the only way to finally experience that confidence!

This masterclass is here to dismantle that misconception and give you the simple, practical steps to developing the confidence that will THEN be the fuel that helps you to achieve your goals instead of hoping that confidence will be waiting for you on the other side. 

This masterclass will specifically answer common questions like...

- Doesn't confidence lead to arrogance or an unrealistic view of how great you are? 

- How can I be confident if I'm not the best dancer in the room or if I'm not even sure I can do the step? 

- Doesn't confidence just come from getting technically better so I struggle less? 

- What are the practical steps to developing confidence in the PROCESS of improving? 

- How does having confidence impact your performance, career outcomes, and wellbeing as a dancer? 

How to Dance Better with LESS Effort and MORE Fun!

Ooof, this masterclass is MADE for you if you have been baffled by how, despite having put in more time, effort, and thought, you just aren't performing as well as you used to or improving at the rate that you would like. Or maybe you have noticed that the more seriously you have taken ballet, the more classes become full of frustration instead of ease and joy. Maybe you're at the pre-professional or professional level and think, "Fun!? If I let myself have any of that, I'll just get lazy and let myself go! I don't have time for that!"

If you identify with any of those examples, this masterclass contains the guidance and encouragement to start thinking counter-culturally so that you can actually...

- Feel energized, creative, and happy in ballet class

- Less bothered by mistakes and free from the pressure you put on yourself that actually works AGAINST you as you seek to perform your best

- Get in touch with a sense of playfulness and artistry as you dance that will help you to take artistic risks, adopt the mindset that will help you to tackle "scary" steps with relative ease, and stand out from the crowd while you do it. 

- Protect yourself from burning out in your pursuit of achievement and technical excellence

Your Body is Not Your Enemy: How to Find Wellbeing and Confidence Amidst Imperfections and Challenges

No matter what you look like, it seems that ALL dancers experience insecurities about the way their body looks or performs. Whether this causes low self-esteem, a feeling of wanting to hide, or the desire to overly control what makes it onto your plate, this masterclass with guest expert, Jess Spinner from The Whole Dancer, was designed to give you the encouragement and tools to...

- Know how to actually develop an intuitive and trusting relationship with your body that releases the fear from eating or fluctuations in the way you look. 

- Gain clarity on how stress and negative emotions impact our bodies, our eating habits, and our performance (and what to do when you notice this happening). 

- Understand how to move from body negativity, to body neutrality, to body appreciation so that you can truly feel confident and in harmony with your vessel. 

- What to do when you feel the outside pressure to be thinner. 

- How to set and achieve body goals in a healthy and sustainable way. 

BONUS LESSON coming towards the end of November on "How to Trust Your Body and Understand It's Cues"!

This lesson is taken from a course I created in 2019 called The Come Back Stronger Course, designed to guide injured dancers through the process of a successful recovery by giving the guidance that most dancers totally lack during recovery regarding how to navigate the mental, emotional, and strategic aspects of recovery that we are often left to deal with alone between doctors visits.

Whether you are currently experiencing an injury or simply want to know how you can build a connection between your mind and body that allows you to dance healthier and better for longer, this lesson will shed light on...

- How we can understand and work WITH our pain signals to guide our recovery process or just the maintenance of our physical health.

- How the psychosomatic connection works so that we can both use our minds to provide relief and healing in our bodies and vice versa. 

- How to investigate the true source of the pain (whether that be from a particular physical activity or even a mental or emotional pattern) so that you can learn from your findings and adapt your approach to serve your well-being.


Meet your instructor

Mindset Coach for Dancers

Kirsten Kemp

Hi, I'm Kirsten! You may know me from my YouTube channel, "TwinTalksBallet", where I've been sharing practical advice on how to flourish as a dancer for over 11 years. Truth be told, my twin sister forced me to start the channel with her to share with other aspiring dancers what we were learning in our pursuit of making the leap from being dancers from a small, recreational studio in South Texas to our dream of becoming professional ballet dancers. I never knew that, though I eventually became the professional ballerina I wanted to be, I would develop a deeper sense of purpose helping dancers through the challenges and tough moments that most any dancer faces as they journey through the ballet industry. Now, as a Mindset Coach for Dancers, I have spent the last several years coaching recreational to world-class ballet dancers through the process of developing a healthy and confident mindset that allows them to truly perform their best and deeply enjoy the time they have participating in this beautiful art form. I can't wait to connect with you in this monthly space I've created to empower you with transformative tools that will help you to step into the most healthy and empowering relationship with both yourself and ballet. So come as you are, bring a notepad, bring a friend who you can practice accountability with while putting the tools you'll gain into action, and prepare to experience a noticeable shift in your confidence, well-being, and ability to perform at your personal best level.

Gracie M.

Dancer with US International Ballet

"The Empowered Dancer Masterclass is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other dancers as well as gain amazing tools and insight. Having the chance to connect with others and share common experiences helps you to feel less alone and the community learning environment is packed with knowledge and can really help dancers get out a mental “rut” or pattern of negativity. Kirsten does an excellent job of included tons of information and education into a short enjoyable experience."

Every Masterclass will include...

  • In-depth instruction

    Each masterclass includes in-depth teaching and powerful principles I've shared with mindset coaching clients for years on how to develop a healthy and confident mindset that will allow you to perform and feel your best. Together, we will address and implement solutions to challenges nearly all dancers face from struggling with comparison to not feeling good enough so that you can truly walk forward feeling empowered in your training and career.

  • Learn from other dancers' questions and insights

    Part of the beauty of watching the Empowered Dancer Masterclass recordings is the ability to truly feel as if you aren't alone AND to hear my answers to other dancers' questions that you may have had as well. Not only do you get to learn from the Q&A element of each masterclass, but you also get to hear other dancers from across the world provide encouragement and important points of view as we each contributed to the group discussions!

  • A 30-day action challenge

    Information will only create TRANSFORMATION when paired with ACTION. That's why I will send you off with a simple action plan for the next 30 days to actually help you create tangible changes in the way you feel, how you dance, and what you're able to accomplish as a result of our discussion.

  • BONUS! Written exercises, access to the slides from each presentation, and downloadable worksheets.

    These additional resources will help you to easily access the core insights from each discussion and put them into practice so you can create tangible results in your training or career out of the information you receive in each masterclass.


  • Who is this masterclass a great fit for?

    The Empowered Dancer Masterclass is a fantastic fit for pre-professional students, professional dancers early in their careers, or recreational dancers who train seriously for their personal enjoyment. No matter your specific demographic, this masterclass is a fit for any dancer who has noticed the negative impact on their performance and confidence from struggles like fear of judgement or the belief that they aren't good enough, and who wants to explore how their performance and experience as a dancer can improve with a healthy, confident mindset.

  • Is my purchase refundable?

    Your purchase of the Empowered Dancer Masterclass recording bundle is non-refundable.

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